Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO) by SAFRA

Search Engine Optimization by SAFRA


In my opinion, SEO is probably one of the biggest scams on the Internet today, simply because 90 out of 100 so-called SEO professionals, promising their clients first page position on Google, will be lying. And, unfortunately, many moving companies out there have first hand experience of this.

Why pay a company who knows nothing about the furniture removals industry if you can source a company with a proven track record? We have been getting furniture removals websites on the first page of Google for the last 10 years and unlike some of our competitors, we can actually prove it. On some keyword combinations we have up to 4 websites on the first page of Google!

Before you pay anyone to do SEO for you, let them prove their worth. Every industry or keyword combination is different, meaning that for certain keywords or industries you could be in #1 position on Google in a week or two, but some industries, you might never even reach #1 spot, especially in very competitive industries like finance, insurance, etc.

Furniture Removals is no different. I am prepared to guarantee you that some SEO professionals will never reach the #1 spot on Google, unless they have extraordinary skills and knowledge of the industry. And those of you who know SEO, or are currently paying SEO professionals will know exactly what I am talking about.

Our SEO Services include:

  1. We'll create for you a Search Engine Optimized website, with keyword rich and original content. With extensive experience in the field and more than 10 years worth of extensive research we know exactly which keywords to focus on and how to implement them for maximum results.
  2. We'll activate all the latest technologies on your website. These include Google Maps, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, all with live feeds into your website, so you are not bogged down with a lot of unwanted administration.
  3. We'll link you to all the websites in our network which will not only improve your website rankings, it will also give you immediate exposure.
  4. We'll implement a comprehensive social marketing strategy to drive even more traffic to your website
  5. Our professional content writers will also provide keyword rich and focused content to support our SEO strategy on a monthly basis.
  6. We'll provide you with monthly reports on your SEO campaign. We can even run reports on your competition so you can see what they are up to...

We offer 3 different SEO packages, and what's more we have bundled our SEO packages with actual furniture removal leads, so while we are getting your SEO strategy in place and waiting for it to produce results, you will have immediate access to a pool of quality furniture removal leads. So while we are working on your SEO we are giving you access to immediate business.

Isn't that what SEO is all about? You need a better position on search engines so you can get more Quote Requests from your website.  No other company can offer the same...

Bottom line is, with us you stand a chance of making more money from the leads, than what is required to cover your entire SEO expense.

Contact us for more information about SEO and how we can help you with your SEO strategy.

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